Pre Paid Interest Free Instalments

Frustrated with lack of finance options, approvals and interests adding to cost of your purchase?
Leading upto a special anniversary, birthday or thinking to propose? We offer our buyers a Pre Payment instalments method of payment. 

With our pre - payment plan, you essentially ‘Save Up’ for a purchase without having to worry about missing a payment or having to pay interest. 
We can offer completely flexible tailored to your budget pre payments. 
Neil has special anniversary approaching in next 5 months and he wants to purchase a bangle for £600. Due to his recent retirement, it’s difficult to get credit. Neil wishes to set aside £120 a month leading up to the purchase: 
We can offer him 
5 instalments pre payments as follows:
Month 1: £120
Month 2: £120
Month 3: £120
Month 4: £120
Month 5: £120
At month 5, once payment is cleared, we dispatch the bangle. Fully paid upfront, without stress, within his chosen budget of £120 a month.
How to Redeem: 
Once payment is set up and first instalment is paid, you ll receive a E-Card with a Voucher Code, every subsequent month, further payments will add to the balance of your pre paid card, once you have reached your desired amount, this voucher code can be offset towards the purchase. At any time amount accumulated can be offset for its value for any purchase on our website so you are not locked, should you wish to purchase something earlier. 
Returns & Refunds 
Gift Vouchers are non refundable and can only be redeemed for their value to purchase items on our website. Any products purchased using these gift vouchers, unless bespoke or altered can be returned. Refund will be in the form of a voucher which can be redeemed again towards another item. 
How to Sign Up
Interested to sign up for prepayment, please contact us
Please enquire more via live chat or