Diamond Cuts

Round Cut: 

This is the regarded as the most utilised diamond cut due to simplistic beauty of its clarity and noticeable sparkle. These often accompany rings very well and have a universally felt adoration. 

Princess Cut:

This is also a popular choice with an added feminine and regal flare, also popular among ring aficionados for its contemporary appeal.

Cushion Cut:

This cut lends itself nicely to reflective 'rainbow' flare when in direct view of light. This has a softer appearance whilst blending both round and princess cut together. 

Marquise Cut:


This cut provides a longer and narrower aesthetic which adds a nice nuance and larger appearance to the diamond. 

Pear Cut:

Similar to the marquise cut, pear cut diamonds offer a longer shape and has this wonderfully royal appeal to them, escaping the norm of traditional cut diamonds, whilst making the wearer's finger appear both slimmer and longer. 


This diamond variant strangely offers both a vintage and also timeless look, creating an otherworldly appeal and retaining a distinguished feature. 

Oval Cut:

This is a unique twist on the round cut, suitable for those who admire a round cut but seeking a more spontaneous flare.